An Adventure in Langkawi


Based on the west coast of Malaysia lies the beautiful and sunny island of Langkawi. The island is populated by around 65,000 inhabitants and has a growing influence of tourism among visitors. Its popular sky bridge hangs over the treetops providing visitors with breathtaking scenery and awesome sights.

Having lived in the busy urban city of Kuala Lumpur for many months it was time to get out and relax on a golden beach while sipping down a cool refreshing beer. What better place to do just this than the island of Langkawi? Did I mention its duty-free too? So that beer won’t cost much either. I presently work in a stressful office during the week carrying out the usual business lifestyle. In my free time, I love to travel and see what South East Asia has to offer, coming originally from England myself. You can also check out this website to get detailed information about adventures traveling.

Train or Plane?

Langkawi was suggested to me from a local colleague who goes numerous times throughout the year to visit friends. Given this knowledge, some friends and myself booked a place to stay through a travel agency, Sedunia Travel. After this we headed to KL Sentral station to find tickets for the train, again this was advised through my local colleague because its cheaper than the option to fly from KL’s international airport. Now the train would not have been bad at all had it not been for the fact there was not any sleeper beds available yet we decided to travel the whole 10 hour journey sitting anyway. The first two hours were actually quite fun and having not experienced trains like Asia’s before, pretty interesting. However, the rest of the journey was not so fun. Queue three grown men awkwardly trying to sleep across two seats each while waking up every twenty minutes to shuffle about and attempt to get comfy. Needless to say, we did not get the train back but flew instead. If you are looking for someone guidance about traveling to beautiful places, visit this dedicated website for useful information.

Once arriving we took a cab to the local ferry port and a short boat trip later we arrived at the island of Langkawi. Our hotel turned out to be great for the price we paid but we didn’t stay long before we rented some scooters and went off exploring. Langkawi is home to some of the most gorgeous scenery I have witnessed while the sea although not perfectly clear is still warm and refreshing. I spent most of my time throughout the weekend hopping between riding my scooter and stopping off at different beaches to relax.

Langkawi provides some great cuisine and as mentioned before, alcohol is tax-free, which of course my friends and I took full advantage of during the evenings. It was really a relaxing weekend for us to get away from the stress of our usual day jobs.

Final thoughts

Overall I would certainly persuade people to visit Langkawi Island if they are within South East Asia, it’s a tranquil island with plenty to do and much to see. My couple of days spent there were certainly interesting and I could most likely talk far more about what me and my friends and got up to, but why not go and have the adventure yourself, just don’t take the train unless you have a sleeper bunk! Check out this website to get detailed information about adventures traveling with their friends and family.