How to Improve Your Online Customer Engagement Tactics

Online Customer Engagement Tactics

Customer engagement is critical when you have an online business. Without customer engagement, your sales will diminish and it will be hard to compete in the ultra-competitive marketplace of e-commerce. Some businesses are paying millions of dollars to get the eyes and ears of customers. If you don’t have this kind of budget, you have to get a little creative and resourceful. Also, on top of having a strong SEO campaign – with directory software links and organic back links – having a customer engagement strategy is just as important – maybe even vital. For more information on Online Customer Engagement Statistics, visit .

 Here is how to improve your online customer engagement tactics.

  1. Surveys. Industry insiders say that surveys can be not only a way to measure customer engagement but also a way to increase customer engagement – in a multifold way. Basically, by sending out a survey – either via email or a pop-up on your website – you can get customers to stick around in your shop longer. Not only that, but your questions can be used to make slight adjustments to your website, or even business model so that you can increase your business engagement.
  2.  Newsletters. Having a space where customers or fans of your website can sign up for emails can allow you to build a newsletter list of possible new customers. Having a large email or newsletter list can be really beneficial and effective. Each time you produce a new product, you can send out an email to your newsletter list. Studies have shown that customer engagement is higher if you connect with customers on a more personal level. Email is great for this because people can open their mail and look at what you have to offer – right in the privacy of their inboxes.
  3. Make sure that your content is captivating and interesting. If you have a string of boring, manufactured posts, there is a good chance that customer engagement will falter. However, if you keep your content interesting, and hopefully fascinating, you can motivate possible customers to stick around for longer. Having customers stick around on your site can result in more sales and increased revenue. When it comes to presenting great content, having a blog is a great place to start. To learn more about content for increased revenue click the website
  4. Live customer support. Studies have shown that the main reason why people leave a particular website is that they are lost, confused or don’t know how to navigate the site. Also, customers may have questions about a particular item or product. By having live support, questions can be answered immediately. This method can increase customer engagement and increase sales.
  5. Always follow up. There are now plugins available that you can embed into your site that allow you to email people that have gone through the checkout process but haven’t clicked the “buy” button. This usually means that a customer has reservations about making the commitment to buying the item. However, by sending a polite reminder email, you may be able to help them come to a decision faster. Learn more about strategies that can boost consumer engagement and sales by visiting