Importance of structured cabling and computer networks


Very recently I had no idea what “structured cabling and computer networks” was. At least it was not very clear to me theoretically, because in practice I used it without knowing. Our world is increasingly interconnected, we see new advances every day and they will continue to arrive. What yesterday we saw as a science fiction movie, today is reality. In this article, you will clear many doubts and find out new things. If you want to know more about computer networks, software, and other technologies, visit this dedicated website for useful information.

What is meant by structured cabling and computer networks?

If you are in total ignorance as I was, then we are going to start by explaining a couple of basic concepts: 

  • Structured cabling : In general, it refers to the set of cables, connectors, conduits that are part of a telecommunications infrastructure in a building or space. Understood? That is, it refers to the boards with a thousand cables connected side by side that carry telephone, internet and other signals from the receivers to our homes or offices. 
  • Computer networks: This one is a bit simpler and we see it on a daily basis. Computer network is understood as the interconnection of devices such as computers or computers through cables, signals or waves for data transmission . Some fairly common examples of this are: the connections between computers and printers or the typical connections through Wi-Fi and network cable . 

Revolution of the internet and computer networks in our current life

Can you imagine a life without internet in the future? If your answer is no, we are connected. It is practically impossible to live without the internet in current times. From the little one of the house, to the grandfather depend on this service. 

Regarding the above, have you heard about the internet of things? At the beginning of the 2000s, the world was changing with the arrival of increasingly modern cell phones . When infrared appeared to transfer data and then bluetooth , there was an exponential leap in the way things were done. But, it was only the beginning. 

Today, we use bluetooth and infrared to create computer networks, connecting one device to another. Now it’s possible to control your TV with a smartphone or tell a virtual assistant , like Alexa, to do things for you. From searching for information to lowering a blind, you can do it with just a voice command. All this is possible because the internet has come to position itself in your life and in your things.

Structured cabling, the future is coming

It is not that a central cable is something new in excess. Just thinking about the methods for telecommunications of the last century, will make you remember the telephone exchanges of yesteryear. However, times have changed and wiring too. Yesterday we thought of smartphones, today entire buildings are created with artificial intelligence.

In this year , the led lamps in the corridor turn on and off as you pass, and the security padlocks are managed with Bluetooth. As if that were not enough, the locks at home are unlocked with a fingerprint and a virtual assistant manages a large part of the devices in your daily life. All this is possible thanks to the internet, computer networks, and structured cabling that allows you to have a connection to the network from the roof to the basement. Are you interested to learn more about networking, Application software, and gadgets? Visit this dedicated website for useful information.

Do computer networks make our lives easier?

I have already mentioned several benefits and benefits that technological advances have brought to our lives, but it goes beyond just solving things at home. The computer network has facilitated our finances, purchasing power and payments. Only with the use of our mobile device can we cancel goods and services through the use of electronic wallets. 

Every day there will be more devices in our daily life that will be connected to the internet. But that will also mean the urgency of improving the quality and scope of navigation services. Is the world capable of sustaining this? Some countries yes and others no. Computer networks have made our lives easier and have made us reflect as well.

Structured cabling and computer networks in our security.

The world has proven that security and trust in computer issues can be relative. On the one hand we have a sea of ​​benefits that we have been perceiving and, on the other hand, we may be victims of scams and data theft. For this reason, specialists are trained to try to guarantee greater protection to the user. 

Next, we will talk about security in various relevant aspects of our daily lives. In this way, we will begin to recognize the changes that the world gives in our noses without being able to avoid it.

Computer networks and finance. 

The move from traditional methods such as fiat money to digital economy methods such as cryptocurrencies has put the world on the run. This is a clear example of security and computer networks. Obtaining a method that guarantees the legality of digital financial transfers and at the same time maintains user security has led to the creation of the Blockchain.

The Blockchain is a system of blocks that links transactions of millions of people in the world at the same time and guarantees them. This represents a total paradigm shift and puts traditional financial regulatory methods and entities in check. Are we facing the finances of the future? the safest. 

Structured cabling and our home. 

I have already told you about the internet of things, and the way in which our devices will adapt more and more to artificial intelligence every day. I also told you about the creation of intelligent buildings, but how does this suppose security in our homes?

There are companies that offer very complete services to residences and condominiums, for the creation of a wiring system and computer networks. This allows us to greatly improve the security of our homes. Before you needed special and inefficient devices to monitor security cameras, today you can do it from the comfort of your mobile. 

In addition to this, it is not just about the traditional installation of a security camera system. We are also talking about the possibility of placing motion sensors on doors and windows, and smoke and water sensors, among others. An environment optimized for the protection of our family.

Structured cabling and computer networks in the transfer and protection of data and information. 

How many times have we depended on a flash drive, a USB cable or email to manage data and information in the office? Today it is possible for large and small companies to install a network that speeds up the transmission and storage of data. 

We forget about paperwork and going from one place to another with a virus-contaminated flash drive. Today it is no longer necessary to transfer information from one computer to another because the computing cloud condenses and archives everything in one place. We can work simultaneously and in real-time with 100% virtual collaborative spaces, which allows us to be anywhere and work only with an internet connection. 

For reflection 

The changes that technological progress has brought about in the world will continue to come with or without our consent. If we want to grow our businesses or be better-qualified professionals to apply for a better job, it is necessary to adapt to the demanding reality. Focusing on denying the benefits that interconnection has given us or clinging to traditional methods is like starting a game and playing to lose. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about the latest technologies.