Kitchen designs to maximise natural light


Light in the kitchen is essential to doing good work, but most of us don’t get to make it top priority when we move into a new place. If you’ve been stuck with a dark, pokey little kitchen, is there anything you can do to brighten it up without resorting to artificial illumination? The answer is yes – but it will require a bit of creativity. Beautiful kitchens that make the most of natural light are waiting to be explored at this website

The benefits of natural light

Artificial light just doesn’t measure up to the real thing. Although we might not always notice it, the subtle hues of natural light change throughout the day and this directly affects our own metabolisms. It makes us feel more energetic in the mornings and helps us sleep better at night. 

Plenty of direct sunlight also means our bodies make more vitamin D, which improves their ability to absorb calcium. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, letting in more daylight will help you feel more alive and help to unleash your culinary creativity.

Open up your windows

Often windows, even in the kitchen, are so crowded in by curtains or heavy blinds that half their light is obscured. Shutter styles designed to fold right back and let in maximum light can really brighten things up, and they’re just as warm at night. 

If you have a roof directly over your kitchen, you could consider getting a skylight fitted, or you could fit glass panels in doors – including internal ones – so that more light passes through the room. Make sure your kitchen furniture is arranged so it doesn’t block light from the windows or prevent it reaching all around the room.

Colour and reflections

One way to help the light that does get into your kitchen do more, is to provide it with lots of shiny surfaces to bounce off. Mirrors are the obvious solution and mirror tiles can work well on the splashback area behind your sink, but any shiny surface will do. Polished hardwood flooring can be very effective. Light coloured matte paint on the walls, with a lighter shade on the ceiling, will make the room seem more spacious. And hanging your pans or other shiny objects like colanders or spatulas on the wall opposite a window creates lots of shiny surfaces to help maximise the light. Find out here that how to make your room bright and airy so that everyone who enters feel better at home.

Keep it clean

Everybody wants a hygienic kitchen and now there’s an extra reason – the cleaner your kitchen is, the brighter it will look. You need to keep those surfaces polished and keep everything in great condition. Freshening the place up with flowers will then add the finishing touch, helping your kitchen look bright and summery. When the season starts to turn, consider potted plants as a way to keep that summer look all year long.

The kitchen is the heart of your home and should always be a fun place to be. Keeping it bright and beautiful will make you want to spend more time there, and your family and friends will love the extra delicious things that result. Learn how to make your kitchen more welcoming by using natural light with these professional tips provided at this website .