Mysore- Experience the rich history and culture


History lessons taught in schools talk a lot about Mysore. But when did I listen to history lessons and so one day was curious to know all about this much talked about city. I did not know that Mysore is the 3rd largest city in Karnataka. Also known as Mysuru, it is also the cultural capital of South Karnataka. Then and there I booked Bangalore to Mysore Cab and was ready to explore. If you are looking for someone guidance about traveling, visit this dedicated website:

Cultural Facts about Mysore

I got to know that Mysore is the cultural hub of Karnataka. It is well known for festivities that take place during the period of Dussehra and to my surprise in a very unique manner. The Dussehra festivities are celebrated for over ten days in the city. On the tenth day called Vijaydashami, a traditional procession of decorated elephants, horses and camels is taken out on the streets of Mysore. The process that departs at the Mysore Palace and culminates at Bannimantapa, where the banni tree is worshipped, involves removing the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari.

City of Palaces

Mysore is called the City of Palaces owing to the fact that several ornate palaces are located in the city. I searched for a few famous ones and this is what I found.

Amba Vilas known as Mysore Palace is one of the most famous palaces of Mysore. The palace exhibits Indo- Sarpscenic style of architecture on the outside while the interior exhibits Hoysala architecture. Jaganmohana Palace serves as an art gallery while the Rajindra Palace is the summer palace. The Lalita Mahal, one of the most beautiful palaces has been converted into a hotel. Jayalakshmi Vilas Palace was constructed by Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar for his daughter Jayalakshmi. The palace today serves as a museum for folk culture and artifacts of the royal family. Click here to read in-depth articles about traveling and resorts.

Mysore Paintings

Mysore’s paintings are very famous and I have had a chance to see a few. The Mysore style of painting has a distinctive feature called gesso work on which gold foil is applied. Mysore’s paintings are famous across the world and considered very expensive.

Mysore Tourism

What I and most people do not know is the fact that Mysore is a major tourist destination in India. The palaces of the city are visited every year by thousand of tourists. The Chamudeshwari temple atop the Chamundi hills is visited by many devotees. St. Philomena’s Church and Wesley’s cathedral are other places of worship which attract many tourists. Mysore Zoo setup in 1892 is a major tourist spot and is visited by many people.The Karanji and Kukkarahalli Lakes are great picnic spots. The Krishnasagar Dam is a short distance from the city. Bridavan Gardens where a musical show is held every day attracts many tourists. There are several wildlife sanctuaries in Mysore that are worth a visit. The Bandipur National Park and Madumalai National Park are sanctuaries for endangered species of Gaur, Chital, elephants, Tigers and Indian leopards. All these destinations are easily accessible by road.

With a great cultural history and heritage, Mysore is definitely a city to explore and one can travel here for an experience of a lifetime. Are you interested in learning more about rich historical places? Visit this website for further details.