New Protection Memory Cards from The Company Transcend

microSD Memory Cards

For storing and transporting data, memory cards are of great help. However, anyone can copy-paste one’s private data from normal and easily available memory onto other computers or devices.

Transcend has come into the scene and bearing this fuss in mind, mind, the company has invented memory cards that are made absolutely secure and safe to be utilized by anyone without the fear that the confidential material and intellectual property might be modified or deleted from the storage by any incorrect means.

Transcend, to counter-attack the illegal means has newly unveiled its series of Content Protection SD and microSD Storage Cards. Check out our website for more information about Transcend Security Memory Cards.

microSD Memory Cards and Copy Protection SD Options

Transcend Protection Memory Cards have an in-built read-only CD-ROM style partition that not only assures anti-remove and anti-modification features but also helps control many trojans and spyware. This special strategy is included pre-loading storage cards with the content and protection measures at the instant of production. This certifies the treatment of innovative breaking resources used for reformatting. Visit for more information on microSD memory cards.

Supplementary rewards of the Transcend Copy Protection SD/microSD cards

  • The Transcend Protection Memory Cards SD/microSD cards are correct with most systems and they do not cause any troubles working in range with software and components configurations of the host system.
  • The Transcend Protection Memory Cards are designed to offer a moderately secured system and partly no-cost areas. This versatile function permits the person to make use of the no-cost space just like a normal memory. This increases lifetime customer value and also helps to bring out a positive experience.

The Transcend Protection Memory Cards SD/microSD memory cards are available in the market in a range of 2GB-64GB capabilities. They come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty from Transcend. Thus, it is all set to provide the highest possible protection against external not authorized duplication and changes. Just check out the website for more information about Protection Memory Cards from Transcend capabilities, warranty, and features.