The Health Benefits of Dental Implants


A missing tooth, or even a whole set of teeth can not only be disconcerting for the patient – causing self-consciousness when smiling and socialising with other people, but it can also be damaging for their health. Whilst removable dentures can relieve the problems somewhat, they can also be impractical for the wearer and make even simple things like eating a difficult task. If you want to learn more about dental care, visit this website for further details.

Permanent dental implants on the other hand are a highly effective option for replacing teeth, restoring confidence and also, most importantly, greatly benefiting the patient from a health perspective.

Here are some of the reasons why dental implants can be good for your health if you are missing a tooth or a number of teeth…

Improves your bite

A missing tooth or teeth can cause problems when it comes to the bite – something which dental experts are always keen to ensure is as ‘normal’ as possible. This is because a misalignment, or malocclusion as it is medically known, can result in problems when it comes to eating, wearing down of surrounding teeth, and can cause the teeth around it to shift into positions that they should not be. In some cases, this can lead to TMJ disorder – issues with the jaw which can lead to pain in the mouth and ongoing headaches. A permanent dental implant will prevent other teeth from moving into the wrong positions, which is the main cause of bite issues. Do not forget to visit this website about caring for your teeth, health, and fitness.

Helps you enjoy food again

Not only do missing teeth cause difficulties with speaking and pronouncing certain words, but eating even some of the simplest of foods can be a real chore. All human teeth have their own individual purpose when it comes to biting, ripping, chewing and grinding down food, and if any of them are missing then it can be problematic for the patient. Those in the unfortunate position of having lost all of their teeth are obviously very limited when it comes to their food choices, and removable dentures, whilst increasing their options somewhat, still have a tendency to slip and move around when in the mouth. Fixed dentures, such as All On 4 dental implants UK, can give you back the enjoyment of the full range of foods which you liked to eat before, which massively increases your quality of life.

Stops jawbone problems

The jaw is a complex part of the human body which relies on the chewing process to create the natural minerals that allow it to remain in a healthy condition. If you were to no longer chew food because you were missing teeth, it’s possible that your jaw would start to deteriorate – this is because the body would start to believe that it was no longer needed. This can lead to rot of the jawbone and steady deterioration. Permanent dental implants therefore prevent this from happening, as they are anchored into the jaw and keep the bone healthy as it can be used in a normal manner for eating while speaking. If you have any questions in mind regarding dental implants, then click here for more details.