The Largest Salt Mines in the World

Largest Salt Mines in the World

The largest salt mine is Sifto’s Goderich Mine in Goderich, Ontario, while the second largest mines are the Khewra Salt Mines in Punjab, Pakistan. However, Ice Thaw gets its rock salt from the biggest salt mine in Britain, the Winsford Rock Salt Mine.

Sifto’s Goderich Mine

Originally, a crew that was oil-drilling struck rock salt in 1866, 300 metres below Goderich Harbour. This made it the first salt bed discovered in North America. It lasts for five kilometres under Lake Huron. However, actual mining didn’t occur until almost 100 years later when engineers built a mine shaft so the crew could go below almost 600 metres to find and crush the rock salt we now use to de-ice our slippery roads. They added additional mine shafts in 1968 and 1983. They are one of the largest salt suppliers for the Great Lakes region in North America. If you want to learn more about salt mines, visit this dedicated website for useful information.

Khewra Salt Mines

The history of this mine dates all the way back to Alexander the Great when he crossed the Jhelum region in 326 BC, and his injured horses found the rock salts and started licking them. Since then, local Janjua tribes began mining salt, but it was not until 1872 that Dr. Warth, an engineer formulated a plan to build better entrances and tunnels, enhance waterways, and improved mining for salt.

The mine continued using this practice, and has produced around 220 million tons of rock salt, with about 325,000 tons each year. The salt is then distributed and exported to many different countries for road safety, animal and food consumption, and decorative uses. You can also check out this website to get detailed information about different types of salts which are commonly used in cooking.

Winsford Rock Salt Mine

Britain’s largest salt supplier provides rock salt to and accounts for one million tonnes of rock salt used each year. Located in Cheshire, is big enough to fit 700 football fields and includes 140 miles worth of tunnels. Technically, the rock salt was formed over 200 million years ago when Britain consisted of inland seas and the hot temperatures evaporated, leaving salty deposits beneath it. They’ve been mining the area since 1844 when they found a gritty rock salt, used mainly for de-icing the slippery roads. Nowadays, they use industrial methods to mine for salt, and they have enough rock salt to supply regions of the UK for the next 70 years.

Ordering Rock Salt from Ice Thaw

Ice Thaw only sells British rock salt. They prefer all dry salt as it is more efficient at drying roads and walkways. In addition, they sell other de-icing supplies, as well as equipment to spread your rock salt. If you want to know more about them, check out this website right now!